Membership Requirements

Financial Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)/Microfinance Institutions (MFIs)
Financial Cooperatives
Self Help Groups,
Trade Associations
Informal Savings and Credit Unions.


Membership Categories and Status:  There are three categories of membership registration with ANMFIN


Category A      NGO/MFIs/Trade Associations

Category B      Financial Cooperatives/Women Associations

Category C      Informal Savings and Credit Associations


However, Financial Cooperatives and Women Associations that are strong enough can register under Category “A”.


The Microfinance Policy, Regulatory and Supervisory Frame work provides for the formation of the Apex Association (see section 6.8.4 of the Revised Microfinance Policy for Nigeria at the CBN website). Consequently membership is therefore, opened to all registered Financial NGO’s, Cooperatives, Credit Unions and others as mentioned above in all the states of the country.


  • Creating a platform for enlisting members and maintenance of data of all members
  • Safeguarding  the interest of members
  • Performing self regulation for members to effect positive changes
  • Experience sharing to community and humanity
  • Serves as platform for Information  dissemination and exchange
  • Provision of advisory services and global initiative and women empowerment
  • Advocate for policy and strategic development of MFIs
  • Capacity building  and technical assistance at reduced cost through peer learning and joint training
  • Provides better coordination of donor activities  such as establishment of uniform  reporting   standards 
  • Monitors the activities of members and evaluates them for growth
  • Provides updates on current trends and events
  • Establishment of resource Centre for training, capacity building for expansion of savings group
  • Provision of information and guarantees that would enable MFIs access finance locally and  internationally
  • Institutional building and  support of member MFIs through research and information dissemination
  • Develop and refine appropriate savings products.
  • Provision of small units of financial services to low-income MFIs
  • Training for effective savings mobilization by our MFIs
  • Complementary enterprise development programmes
  • Awareness creation on refinancing the MFIs
  • Development of cutting-edge software to power services offered


Responsibilities of Members to ANMFIN

  • Affiliation
  • Prompt payment of dues
  • Active participation on ANMFIN activities
  • Patronize ANMFIN Products/services.


If your organization falls into the above listed category and wishes to become a registered member of ANMFIN, please contact us, or your respective state secretariat.

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