President's Welcome Message

ANMFI Nigeria National President

Welcome! I am of the view that your visit to our website is not a fluke but a calculated step towards discovering the solutions to the financial puzzles of our present day.

My confidence stems from the fact that the time we are in requires more of financial inclusion and/or expanded access to finance for financial leverage to surmount pressing socioeconomic challenges either as a rural dweller or an urban upbeat.

As expected, you will find out from the content of this website, details about the activities of Association of Non-Bank Microfinance Institutions of Nigeria, ANMFIN; strategic programs and projects carefully designed to meet the present day micro and macroeconomic needs of our societies through the enhancement of the capacities and capabilities of NGOMFI's, Financial Cooperatives, Trade and Market women associations, Informal Savings and Credit Associations to provide financial leverage from the bottom to the top.

I challenge you not to take a passive reading of this web page, rather, I charge you to take an opportunistic reading of this website and discover the gargantuan possibilities that we are enabled and energized with to change your micro and/or macro finance world.

I hope to be part of your next micro-financial transaction in Nigeria or across the world.

Princess Adesola Ogunleye 
National President, 

Association of Non-Bank Microfinance Institutions if Nigeria (ANMFIN)





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