What We Do


Our aims and objectives are highlighted below: 


To engage in measures that will promote the welfare of the members.
To carry on activates and programmes that will increase capacity and realization of penitential’s of individuals and groups in the society for the betterment of humanity.
To discourage in its entirety all unhealthy rivalry and divisive tendencies against ourselves and our people in general. Etc
Sustainability of Micro Finance triad.
To create a platform for capacity building.
To share information, resources among its members for institution building.
To promote best practices among its members.
To explore efficient and effective ways of promoting orderly ways of developing micro-financing.
To promote small and medium enterprises among member NGO/IMFs in other to serve as a vehicle of rapid industrial development so as to contribute to the economy of the Nation.
To source for fund from government through soft facilities from the International Development Financing Institutions and other donor agencies to finance various projects of the member MFI’s.
To advocate on behalf of members.
To provide for the monitoring and supervision of MFI’s
To establish a bridge between MFI’s and financial Markets
To expand MFI’s access to a greater Volume of financial resources and on better terms.
To improve Donor Coordination
To offer technical Assistance to MFI’s
To coordinate and ensuring Harmony in the sub sector.


Focusing on our aims and objectives, our Products and Services include:

  • Capacity Building
  • Financial linkage/Networking
  • Research, Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Gender and Youth Empowerment
  • Agricultural Value Chain Enhancement/Finance
  • ICT Development
  • Regulatory Services (RS)
  • ANMFIN Trust Fund
  • Risk Management
  • Consultancy Services/Mentorship Programme

What's New