Top 3 of the Poorest Countries in the World

Poverty is a factor that greatly influences the economy. Several countries fail to find effective strategies to start their poverty rate and remain in the list of the poorest countries in the world. Discover in the rest of your reading, the top 5 of these countries.


Ranked third-largest island in the world, this country has one of the highest poverty rates. With each passing year, the country experiences an increase in the poverty rate. The few humanitarian aid that made the situation livable were all cut off after the 2009 coup. The climate factor does not make things any easier. Natural disasters are recorded every year and continue to worsen the economic situation of this country.


This country is, first of all, very inaccessible both politically and touristically. Led by a single political party that sets up its tyranny every day, this country scares thousands of people away from this country every year. The drought reigning in this country makes things even more complicated. The country is even the object of international feelings which do not allow an improvement of its economic situation. Many refugees leave this country every day and decide to try the adventure on European lands.


Possessing a colossal amount of mineral resources and precious prayers, this country has everything to be a great world power. Despite this, the inhabitants vegetate in nameless poverty due to the poor governance of the country and many civil and political crises affect them. To all this can be added the health crises, they are facing lots of health challenges that have hit the country. For several years, the Ebola epidemic wreaked havoc on the country requiring several financial resources. The global health crisis of covid-19 has made matters worse, in a context where most of the population lives on rudimentary agriculture.

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