Back to the dragon periods

History has seen so many versions that most people ultimately wonder what dragons looked like. In order to provide some answers to this question, we are forced to dive back several centuries, particularly in the period when everyone in fashion believed wholeheartedly in the existence of dragons. If the first research made think that all dragons had wings, claws and a reptile tail, the reality would be the opposite, because some dragons rather appear in the form of giant snakes.

Where did the dragons live?

Most dragons spent their time in mysterious caves or underground, as is the case with those in the legend of Merlin. Other dragons, on the other hand, lived in the sky, and the most recurrent case is linked to Chinese dragons. Read more here There is a final category of dragons who remained in the feet, in the waters of rivers, springs, swamps, to name but a few.

What did the dragons do during their days?

Very bewildering as they may seem, the occupations of dragons are organized into several categories.
- The thief dragons: they are dragons who spend their time stealing treasures, stealing princesses, martyring the inhabitants of villages or towns. What relieves is that there is always a hero who ended up taking it there and who challenged himself to crush them to enhance his celebrity.
- The factor dragons: these dragons played the role of intermediary between the gods and the men to whom they delivered messages.
- The dragons architects and gardeners: they are dragons which existed since the beginning of the world. Thus, while some were split in two to create Heaven and Earth, others migrated over the ground to shape landscapes and draw the outline of rivers and streams. The list is not exhaustive.