Becoming a U.S. resident: the number of years it takes

The process of becoming a U.S. resident is long and tiring. However, residency status opens many doors in many areas of life in the United States.  But, be aware that you are not allowed to vote. Discover through this article, the number of years you need to become an American resident.

One year through the visa lottery

The visa lottery is a way for foreigners to become American residents. To find out more, navigate to this website. You can try your luck every year by playing the visa lottery. It is organized by the US government and is played in October or November. So, if you are lucky, you will be among the few people selected.
Thus selected, the American State will grant you the green card which will make you an American resident.

Three years renewable for a foreigner with a work visa

If you are already guaranteed a job in the United States before your arrival, then the work visa is yours. Most often, the U.S. government offers this visa to people working in international companies. The visa will be granted to you for a renewable period of three years.
In reality, you need five years of complete life in this country before you can obtain permanent resident status. Therefore, it is to your advantage to renew your visa while still working in the United States.

Ten months after a marriage: the green card

Marrying a U.S. resident is the fastest way to get a green card. This will make you an American resident. It is a procedure that does not take long. But what makes this visa sometimes questionable is the fact that some people arrange marriages. This fact has led the American authorities to be vigilant and to study the files seriously. The green card is like a marriage certificate allowing one of the bride and groom to walk around the country as a foreigner.