Causes and solutions to the economic crisis in Africa

Colonized for years, African countries are struggling to take off in economic terms. Despite gaining independence, almost nothing has changed in these nations. What are the causes of this situation? What are the approaches to solutions to get Africa out of this scourge? The answers in the rest of this article.

The characteristics of the majority of these countries.

In Africa, people live in difficult living conditions. Unemployment and underemployment ruin the youth. Epidemics are eating away at families who were already fighting famine. The literacy rate in some countries is below average. School programs do not allow graduates to access employment. Favoritism and regionalism close to door to young graduates. Wars and other crimes devour populations. Politically, presidents prefer to stay in power forever. Conflicts arise after the proclamation of the election results with several damages. Public debts keep increasing. Corruption and embezzlement of public property aggravate this situation. Faced with these facts, what must be considered in order to meet the challenge?

Approaches to solutions to change the situation

The political situation in African countries must be stabilized. Security and energy must be the priority of African leaders. The latter must encourage the creation of businesses. Internet access must be facilitated to the public. Agriculture and other sectors of activity should be considered. They need investment. Innovation must be encouraged. In addition, technical training schools built and open to students would be more profitable, as education trains for unemployment. Sanctions against acts of corruption would discourage perpetrators and co-perpetrators. The reduced cost of access to child and maternal health can reduce early deaths. If the continent's natural resources are transformed in Africa, public spending and debt would be reduced. Finally, Western countries tend to worsen the socio-political situation of African countries.