How can we be a member of ANMFIN

You be a member by meeting the membership requirements

Who can be a member of ANMFIN

Financial Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)/Microfinance institutions (MFIs)
Financial cooperatives
Self-help groups
Trade associations
Informal Savings and Credit unions

Could ANMFIN be quoted as the national MFI regulatory body? If not, what other body is?

The certificate ANMFIN issues confirms that your Institution has been affiliated to the body recognized by CBN as a self Regulatory body of all Non-Bank Micro-financial institutions of Nigeria. Membership of ANMFIN means your MFI is by extension a member of all international organizations that ANMFIN belongs to e.g: All Networks in Africa (AFRACA) and SEEP …all over the world. That’s why it important the affiliation criteria is strengthened to ensure that financial statements and business indices are made mandatory before affiliation. Reason being that a consolidated statement of accounts of ANMFIN confirms her as an economic group with the capacity to source technical and financial support for members. The position now reflect us as a social group.

Apart from membership dues what does AMNFIN expect from us and, what are the limits?

Any MFI that simply pays and receives a certificate has done part registration… reforms are underway to solve that problem.