How do I change a bathtub faucet ?

Although it may seem difficult, changing a bathtub faucet can be done even if you are not a professional in the field. Discover in the following lines, the process to successfully change a bathtub faucet. 

What is the process to disassemble a faucet ?

 The removal of a faucet requires certain precautions to be taken. First of all, you should turn off the water supply and close the bathtub opening so that the whole bathroom is not flooded. But you should leave a faucet open to allow excess water to drain; click to investigate. Secondly, you need to have the equipment to replace the faucet such as screwdriver, pliers for loosening and silicone sealant all ready to make the job easier. 
To finally change the faucet, you should first release the hot and cold water adjustments that are connected to the faucet. The drain rod should then be released to facilitate the removal of the valve. Finally, the gaskets and locknuts should be unscrewed and the bracket and gasket should be cleaned and any other dirt removed before the new valve is placed.

How do I install the new valve ?

 Once the faucet has been removed, it will be necessary to move on to the installation of a new faucet, which must be attached to the bathtub. Here, the most important thing is to screw all the parts well and make sure that the joints are placed. 
In fact, after fixing the pipe used to supply water (hot and cold) with screws and placing the joint, it will be necessary to use silicone sealant to avoid any overflow. To continue, once the faucet has been placed on the bathtub and a second seal has been placed, the fittings should be welded well. You should also check that the tap stem fits properly. All that's left is to try the new bathtub faucet by turning the water back on to make sure it works properly.