How to choose a computer charger ?

It often happens that our beloved laptops have various hardware problems. Your laptop charger stops working and you don't know how to choose a replacement. This article is for you. It will help you make a wise choice by considering key parameters. 

Determining the Power 

It is a value expressed in Watt (W) that defines, in a way, the maximum energy that the charger can deliver to your laptop. To get a battery for laptop gateway make a tour on the page. Generally, PC chargers can deliver a voltage that varies between 18.5 and 20 V. Nevertheless, it is not highly recommended to use chargers with a lower power than your computer. 

Being pushed to its maximum capacity, the said charger will wear out very quickly. Finally, the power of the charger must be equal or superior to the capacity of your laptop. 

Also, there may be some confusion, as both a voltage and a power rating may be written on your computer's battery. Do not consider these values, but rather the one written on the original charger of your laptop. 

Knowing the Type of Connector 

After identifying the power of your computer, and at the same time that of the charger you must choose. You now need to know which connector to choose for your computer. 

At first glance, all chargers look the same, but in fact, there are different types of connectors. For example, some tips are cylindrical, and others look like USB inputs. To do this, you need to identify the size of the connector, the inner and outer diameter of the connector.

These elements are the reference values of the chargers communicated by the manufacturers. If in doubt, go to a specialized center to get advice. 

To choose a computer charger, take care to know the power you will need, it is written on the factory charger of your laptop. Then, make sure that your new charger has a value greater than or equal to it.