How to get around Cancun?

Getting around Cancun, this wonderful city, can be problematic. There are two camps that are fighting each other : the local cabs and Uber Cancun which is also a transportation service. Why should you choose Uber and Lyft over local cabs? How much does Uber charge in Cancun? Answers are available here. 

Why choose Uber over a cab?

There are several reasons why a ride in Cancun with Uber is preferable to one with local cabs. More information is available on Uber Cancun. The main reason is cost. Local cabs offer their services at highly inflated prices. In fact, Uber charges for its services based on distance and travel time. This is much cheaper. Also, when local cab drivers see that their customer is a tourist, the price is much higher.  
Uber is available every day and 24 hours a day. So with them, you can get around at any time of the day and very easily. On the other hand, the prices with local cab drivers go up at night. Moreover, taking a cab at night is not at all advantageous. You don't know the driver so you'll be unsafe. 

How much does Uber charge in Cancun?

Getting around Cancun with Uber is a choice that will save you money. The transportation will be convenient, safe and cheaper. The basic fare with Uber is 6.5 pesos. In fact, every kilometer you travel with Uber is charged at 5 pesos. You can't find a better price anywhere else in Cancun.  
However, if you cancel a ride on Uber, you will be charged 10 pesos. With Cancun, payment for the ride is done via the Uber Cancun app. Nevertheless, you can pay in cash. You will just have to mention it on the app and give the money back to the driver once you reach your destination.