Latest scientific discoveries in the field of agriculture.

Main economic activity of several countries, agriculture is perfected with the evolution of science. New discoveries are developed that increase the yields. What is it really about? What are the positive impacts of these discoveries? The answers in the rest of this article.

Ancient finds that are currently being modernized

Science has positively impacted agriculture too much. Indeed, soils are better known because of their composition. The water is treated and provides the necessary resources for the plantations. In short, several areas are combined with agricultural production. It is about climatology, pedology… Soil-less agriculture is very widespread nowadays. New information and communication technologies (NICT) have reduced economic losses. Despite all these changes, the increase in the world population means that the demand increases. Investors have looked to the agricultural sector. Scientists have therefore discovered other techniques.

New improvements made

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have integrated cultures. Fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides are produced and used. They are well treated to the point where crops and farmers are not vi ctimes do not use them. The genome of pest species are studied in laboratories. Crops such as rice and sorghum are now resistant to climate, insects and adapt to several types of soil. Remote sensing and meteorology are combined with agricultural production. Thanks to NICTs, warnings are received by scientists on the next genetic modifications of insect pests and birds. Then the wastage of water is quite reduced. Indeed, the irrigation systems are more sophisticated. With urbanization, agriculture is practiced in the outskirts of large cities. With mechanical means made for the cause, agriculture is practiced almost all year round. Arid lands are also cultivated thanks to the latest technological innovations in agriculture.

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