Lost dog tips: what you must know?

So when the animal fuggives or goes astray, the situation becomes dramatic. Much more than an obligation, the identification of the animal is often the best way to find a lost dog by allowing the owner to be quickly contacted by the person or the professional who finds him. However, multiple steps are to be done to find it as soon as possible.

Vigilance to protect your dogs.

It will be necessary to act quickly so that it does not move away too far as the days pass. We estimate the best chances of finding a dog within 12 hours. Vigilance to avoid losing his dog the novelty of the place following a move or a departure on vacation, but also a change of habits, sometimes generate anxiety or a loss of reference for the animal that can then go astray or fleeing (ex - on an area In addition, some dogs are more curious than others. For more information, see this resource 

Redouble with vigilance when visitors present themselves to avoid any fugue or loss of an animal: a provider (electrician, plumber) can leave the vault of his open van, often source of curiosity for the dog; A friend can omit to close the doors / windows behind him . Dog lost: a first reflex, the declaration of loss whatever the situation, the declaration of loss of your dog in the national file

Going search for your lost dog

Publish a search announcement Demand the characteristics of your dog without being too specific (to avoid scams) For this, the Filalapat application, backed by the national identification file , facilitates your steps since in a few clicks Thus, they will pay a different attention to the animals that will be presented to them. 

The app also allows you to quickly locate these surrounding professionals and access their details Print "Dog lost" posters Print posters with a recent photo of the animal, in order to place them near places with high traffic (baker) Focus on direct contact rather than the phone. Your interlocutors will feel more concerned.