Marriage in France: what you must know.

In France, there are three legal statuses which can correspond to life as a couple, cohabitation, PACS, and marriage.  If marriage requires special procedures and a more extensive commitment, it also offers the spouses concerned undeniable and often exclusive advantages.  If you are wondering what status to adopt for your marriage, below are the 5 main advantages of marriage.

 A protected parentage

In France, marriage is still intrinsically linked to the concept of family, and married spouses thus benefit from exclusive advantages in this area.  In the case of a birth, for example, the mother's husband thus benefits from a presumption of paternity, which is not the case for the cohabiting or partner.

In addition, only married spouses can jointly adopt a child.  The spouse who wishes to adopt his spouse's child may also do so.  Paris proposal is the best way to achieve your marriage goal.

 Better social coverage

Marriage makes it possible to have protective social cover, especially in the event that one of the spouses is not working.  Indeed, each spouse can be the beneficiary of the other.  This also applies to their mutual health insurance, and thus makes it easier for them to benefit from proper coverage of their medical and para-medical costs.

 A more supervised break

Unlike cohabitation, or PACS, marriage cannot be dissolved freely.  Indeed, to divorce, you must meet the conditions of at least one of the four possible procedures: amicable divorce, accepted divorce, divorce for fault or divorce for permanent alteration of the marital bond.

In addition, the effects of divorce are also better controlled and require the intervention of professionals, such as lawyers and sometimes the judge or notary.  If these obligations are sometimes perceived as constraints, they actually make it possible to guarantee respect for the rights of the spouses, and to lead to a more equitable post-separation situation.