Process of installing mods on a minecraft server

If you want to add new content to your games, you should consider installing mods on your minecraft server. Only then you will be able to enjoy the multiple benefits they offer. However, if you don't know how to do it, please follow these steps for a better installation.

The first steps of the installation

Before you can think about installing mods on your minecraft server, you must first download the latest version of mods. You can download it from MaledictionForge. Then you should also keep in mind that downloading all the relevant relationships for the mods should be downloaded as well. If you don't know where to find them, don't worry. Go to the specific mods page under the relationship tab. For more bonuses, keep reading. 
The next step is to make sure as a player that your server configuration is the minecraft forge server. After this verification you have to click on install on the main server and start the download. Then create a jar file.

The last steps of the installation

After creating the jar file, you can now drag the file you downloaded at the beginning (the mods file) into a folder that you will name Mods. This is how your Mods file can be restarted and installed. You must then make sure that your server has been transferred correctly. Only then can other players join you in order to start new games and enjoy the Mods features easily. 
However, if the Mods does not work properly on your minecraft server, you need to check that the connections have been made properly. For this check, please go to the curseforge page. This page belongs to the modpack.
Finally, as a player, please make sure that you are using a mod that is compatible with the Forge mod for a better accounting.