Some key ideas for the design of exhibition stands

The design of the booth is designed to attract visitors to take a closer look at the company, products and services behind the booth. At first glance, visitors will be impressed and drawn to the stand. The right idea is the key to a successful trade show.

Ideas are developed externally

Good ideas often come from the company itself.  Employees understand your business, target group, and products, and often come up with surprising ideas.  Read on for more information this content on designing and building trade show booths for events around the world.

However, the method of outsourcing this task to an external service provider who knows the particular requirements of successful communication at a trade show has also proven to be effective.

An important aspect of this variant is the detailed presentation of the stand.  Service providers need full information about the company and the products or services, and should be made aware of the purpose of attending the exhibition.

Ideas are developed internally

You want to try it out in-house and only need a suitable stand, you can use the following inspiration:

  • Special perspectives

The unusual graphics of the trade show booth provide visual appeal and inspire visitors to take care of the trade show booth.  Anything that does not meet the standards will attract attention and make you curious. The special ceiling bracket can grab people's attention even in the hall, and the bespoke product makes this product stand out from the competition;

  • Promote communication

From sporting goods manufacturers' climbing walls to trade show game consoles, the interactive products drew visitors to the booth. Attractive hands-on activities create interest and added value;

  • Competitive intelligence

The booths of successful businesses usually provide exciting ideas for their booth design and inspire them to engage in their own activities.  What booth design is used in the competition and how does the business go about it?