Treatment of obesity

Diet is seen as the number one cause of obesity or overweight. If this is the case, rigorous dietary treatment can get rid of this disease. What is the difference between overweight and obesity? How to treat obesity to hope for a satisfactory cure? Discover through this article the answers to c are relevant questions.

What you need to know about obesity.

According to figures from the United Nations, in 2016 there are 650,000,000 obese people in the world. Obesity is in fact caused by tissues containing fat which accumulate in the body. An individual is therefore considered to be overweight when his MC Index is between the values 25 and 30. Then the stage of obesity is declared when this value is 30 or more. These figures are obtained by the ratio between the weight and the square of the height. As an example for an individual of 58 kg with 1.55 m in height we have: 58 kg / (1.55m * 1.55m) = 24. In addition, obesity is caused by a diet very high in calories. , insufficient or lack of practice of sport. It can also be transmitted genetically. What then are its consequences and how to deal with it?

Its consequences and some precautions to take for its treatment.

Obesity causes very severe heart ailments, generally shortening the lifespan of those affected. They are at risk of diabetes, hypertension, breast or colon cancer. Then an obese person can suffer from breathing problems, osteoarthritis and depression. Finally, fractures are more frequent in the latter. In terms of treatment, food is the first remedy against this disease. Physicians nutritionists offer special diets for weight loss. In addition, surgery is done in the event that the patient's weight is too high. This surgery targets the stomach in particular reducing its size and or techniques to reduce food assimilation in the body. Salt and sugar should be in very low amounts in the diet of obese people. Fruits and vegetables should dominate the diet. Regular sports activities and the monitoring of specialists can quickly get rid of it. Take care of yourself !

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