What are the benefits of playing the handpan?

Chances are you've already heard the beautiful sounds of the handpan. And chances are, you'll fall in love with the soothing, beautiful and peaceful sounds of this instrument. The handpan is a very special instrument, and very young. Interest in this instrument has grown and other very similar instruments have developed under the name of handpan. Read this article to learn more about the benefits of this musical instrument.

Making a choice based on the quality of the steel of the handpan

Before buy a handpan, you should pay attention to the steel used for its manufacture Each steel has its advantages and disadvantages. What you need to know is that this is not required of you, you can choose the steel you want based on these capabilities, but also the sound that each of its materials creates.

Sound healing

Nowadays, alternative forms of therapy and healing are becoming more and more important. One of them is sound healing. Almost everyone can relate to the emotional benefits of music when listening to it. But more than that, sound can also be used to help treat serious mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and chronic stress. This is because sound therapy is based on the science of vibrations, frequencies and the resonance of sound. Everything in the universe is energy. And all this energy, whether in manifest form or not, vibrates at a specific frequency. Each sound of the handpan also has a specific vibration and frequency that your body is able to perceive. You not only hear the music with your ears, but you also feel the vibrations and frequencies of the music.

The magical healing powers of the handpan

Because of their round, convex shape, their sounds emanate in all directions, filling the entire room with vibration and resonance. Handpans are one of the few instruments where each musical note is tuned according to a frequency ratio. This means that there are several frequencies in each note when it is played. Most other instruments have only a few frequencies in each note. So you agree that the sound produced by the handpan also has a specific resonance. Indeed, resonance is the length of time a sound is maintained after its cause is removed. This is why the handpan frequencies are a fundamental sound.