What are the best ways to find a lost pet ?

Losing your pet is unfortunately not an exceptional situation. In order to find your pet as quickly as possible, it is important to adopt the right attitude. Here are some solutions adapted to these types of situations.

Use the networks and applications for pets

If you have lost your pet, first start your search around the place where the animal has disappeared. Approximately one-third of pets get lost during the summer vacations. Unfortunately, there are many reasons for losing a pet: door left open, jumping out of the window, fear leading the pet to run away, etc. If your pet is lost or stolen, simply create your profile on a relevant social network or application, and report it. Therefore, click over here to learn more. 

For this, all kinds of networks exist to report the disappearance of his pet. They allow you to find more easily your lost dog or cat by allowing you to be in connection with professionals, members of a community, present on the whole national territory. However, it is also possible to make a declaration of loss at the police station or in the municipal police department of your home. It is also important to specify that the identification is a legal obligation. Therefore, if the animal found is not identified, the owner will have to pay an additional fee to have it implanted with a microchip. After the legal custody period, the dog or cat will be considered abandoned and given to a shelter or foster home.

Using pet identification

To find an animal more easily in case of loss, a solution exists and is even legally privileged: identification. Remember that all pets must be identified by a microchip. Indeed, this information is essential because owners are not always aware of it. And beyond this initial act, owners must also update their contact information if it changes. However, it is much easier to find a lost pet if it is chipped. The various actors of the animal protection will be able to quickly identify the owner and contact him. 

The owner will also be able to consult the files of found animals to accelerate the process. As a result, a lost dog that has been chipped has a much better chance of finding its owner. Similarly, a cat that goes missing will be more easily found by its owners if it is chipped. To maximize the chances of finding your pet, you can create lost dog or cat posters. Furthermore, an animal discovered on the public highway is taken to a pound where it remains for 8 days, after which it may be euthanized or transferred to a shelter and offered for adoption if it is not identified.