What do you need to know about IVR ?

When you contact a company, it is not always obvious that a human operator will answer you immediately. So, the voice that allows you to make a choice based on the available options is a robotic voice belonging to the Interactive Voice Response feature. With that in mind, here's what you need to understand about this technology that is widely used by businesses.

What is IVR ?

 Still called IVR, Interactive Voice Response is a technology that offers customers an immediate response when they contact a company. As detailed here https://aircall.io/blog/call-center/interactive-voice-response/, this system allows callers to find answers to their various concerns regarding the company's services, without necessarily contacting the staff. Therefore, the options are chosen from configurable menus.
In this way, the IVR also acts as a guide for the customer, helping them through the menus and options to find exactly what they are looking for. Sometimes, the customer can be directed to a human operator, who has direct answers to his needs, because he is specialized in this field. Thus, the relationship between customers and the company is improved thanks to the Interactive Voice Response system.

What are the advantages of IVR for a company?

First of all, the system allows to fully satisfy the customers at the same time as the companies. First of all, the voice server has the capacity to manage and maintain a large volume of telephone calls, in a simple and efficient way. Thus, the company will no longer need to hire several employees to ensure this role.
The company can then save money by reducing the number of employees, increase customer loyalty by keeping them satisfied, and increase its revenue by attracting more prospects. But also, the IVR can serve as an intermediary between the customers and the company by informing them of the company's technical problems or of the various changes made.
Finally, with this system, the company reduces its operational costs, enhances its brand image, correctly handles its customers' needs, and boosts its skills by reducing its workload.