What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who is known on social networks. He or she is appreciated because of what he or she publishes on these web pages. In this article, follow the different types and categories of influencers.

Famous people and web superstars

Brands recruit certain people who already have an audience to become their muse. By agreeing to collaborate with brands, people get to know them better. And that makes them influencers. Go here to find more. Indeed, superstars are people who have made themselves known through websites. Just by posting videos, they are followed by many people and they have visibility. Through this influence, they receive partnership requests from certain agencies. These agencies give them products and pay them based on their fame.

Satisfied customers and micro-influencers

Some influencers promote certain products without being asked by the company. They are satisfied and want to share the product with their audience. These influencers do not receive payment. Moreover, the opposite situation can happen. This means that they are not satisfied with your product. So they may decide to let their audience know. If they do, it could destroy the brand's e-reputation and your business will suffer heavy losses. Secondly, micro-influencers are people who are liked by their community. They are therefore known by those who are in their home area. Subscribers and customers can approach them quickly. Partnering with a micro-influencer doesn't take too much hassle and these services are cheaper.

Specialist influencers

These have specific topics that they talk about on their various sites. Their followers are people who are interested in their topics. They have a small audience. When they advertise a product that is related to their field, they allow the brand to have targeted visibility. Finally, note that this phenomenon is not new. Even though it appeared in some dictionaries in 2017, other expressions were used to designate it.