What is offshore web hosting?


Many companies use offshore services to hide some of their transactions by preventing their traceability for security reasons. Read more in this article.

The reasons for offshore hosting

Offshore web hosting is the practice of hosting on a website or on servers located outside one's own country. It is practised in order to obtain certain specific advantages; look these up. The reasons for using offshore hosting are usually freedom of expression.

Sometimes, some companies host controversial content and thus risk violating the laws, norms, regulations or cultural standards of one or more countries. Some of the risks of punishment in these cases are imprisonment, fines and prosecution. In the worst case, the country's authorities may seek to remove the internet content in question.

Thus, by broadcasting from a country where freedom of expression is prioritised and protected, there is a greater chance of avoiding any penalty. The same is true for certain press groups that do not enjoy press freedom in their country and therefore resort to offshore hosting. Other reasons include choosing a good jurisdiction and avoiding local jurisdictions.

Criteria for choosing an offshore web hosting agency

There are a few things to look out for when choosing an offshore web hosting company, including knowledge of rental restrictions. Being hosted or registered abroad does not exclude breaking the law. Thorough research into the location of the host should be carried out before committing oneself.

The sector of activity should also be checked. It is common to find industries with internal laws that prevent the planned business process from being carried out. Confidentiality is another factor. Make sure that it is really a legitimate anonymity. In addition to these points, also check the payment method and terms as well as location restrictions.

Offshore hosting is an excellent way to stay under the radar in order to conduct business as well as possible and to escape some of the constraints and restrictions of a given country.