What is the purpose of a chatbot?

With the increased development of artificial intelligence, several robots have been developed for human welfare. So, just as there are robots to relieve the workforce in industries, there are robots that communicate with your customers on a daily basis. Among these is the chatbot, a companion and communicator robot. Discover in this post the importance of having a chatbot for your business.

What is a chatbot?

Derived from the word chat, which designates a virtual conversation, and bot, which refers to the robot, the chatbot is a discussion software. This conversational agent allows to discuss with prospects and to have news about the company's customers. It had its heyday in the 2016s and usually comes in two forms. The first types of chatbots are those that are programmed. These are designed to serve a specific answer to a question asked of them. The second type of chatbots are the learning bots. Still called learning chatbots, these types of bots are equipped with artificial intelligence that allows them to learn and improve their input. They also have the ability to remember a former customer, his tastes and preferences. 

The advantages of a chatbot within a company 

The usefulness of a chatbot is that it ensures a permanent presence of the company with the customers. Indeed, whether it is programmed or learning bot, the chatbot is ready to answer your customers 24 hours a day. Thus, whatever the concerns or worries of your customers, they can address the company through the robot. In this way, they will receive an appropriate response to their concerns. 

Moreover, the use of a chatbot within a company ensures stability. Indeed, customers looking for information will be directed by the chatbot to the appropriate service whether it is online or offline. Thus, the company's employees are less disturbed and enjoy peace of mind in the performance of their various tasks. This undoubtedly leads to an improvement in production and an increase in the company's turnover. 

In short, the chatbot is a robot that presents a range of advantages for companies. Whether it is a large company, a small or medium-sized enterprise, it can use a chatbot to revitalize its services.